A UNIQUE product and service

Cabel System engineers and constructs a vast array of low tension electric switchboards and cabinets, using materials supplied by the principal component manufacturers, in conformity with applicable regulations.

Unique technology...

Our technical office designs solutions following our view that innovation is paramount. Our marching orders include: full accessibility, optimal heat dissipation and optimized installation and connection times. Research and development has engendered our company’s rapid growth, which has in turn resulted in ambitious  projects and marked verification testing of new products.

In 1997 we launched the patented Hergo omnibus busbar system, which today still stands as the unmistakable testament to our innovation and capacity. Hergo was the first scalable busbar system, certified by CESI to 6300A 150 kA. Hergo, today, as then, represents a new concept of power system.

Our electric switchboards are unique to each client, custom design and engineering are the true philosophy of Cabel System.

Our production is tethered to a process of continual research for improvement of quality and value, our power centers are a representation of the best products the market can offer

In compliance with regulatory standards, every prototype undergoes extensive testing through certified examination and inspection laboratories. Our innovative products are endorsed with certifications of conformity, guaranteeing to our clients and users the validity of our processes in respect of the norms established under ISO 9001:2015

Our aftersales support is one-of-a-kind, thanks in part to our mobile technical office, capable of immediate onsite repairs and modifications. Our thorough visual documentation of the electro-mechanical details of each build predisposes our equipment to maximum performance, lowering costs of installation and downtime for servicing

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