In 1991, an electrical system technician followed his instincts and founded a new company, Cabel System.

He sought to create a versatile, customizable electrical panel, one which could be designed and built to relieve problems encountered at industrial sites.

Since '91



Cabel System designs and manufacture specific, customized electric switchboards in accordance with the requirements of our clientele. Our products are engineered for seamless integration with our clients’ target electric systems.

At the core of our production is dedication to our craft, we strive to engineer products which today are the only of their kind in the marketplace.

Cabel System engineers and constructs a vast array of low tension electric switchboards and cabinets, using materials supplied by the principal component manufacturers, in conformity with applicable regulations.

Customization is our key word. Beyond unique, tailored designs, we strive to ensure longevity and quality undiminished over time.

Arc resistant design

As the latest research has shown, there is an increasing need to provide a product that can withstand internal arc faults up to standard requirements. An ever-increasing number of environments require a switchboard that is online at all times, which means regular maintenance works to switchboard sections or continuously manned stations for daily operation as well.

optimal and specific solutions Cabel products

Cabel System electric switchboards are a comprehensive product in every respect. The manufacturing of a CE marked product comes with the entire design documentation, including AS-BUILT electrical diagrams, both in paper and electronic format, the complete installation, operating and maintenance manual, the test certificate and declaration of conformity.


Cabel System electric switchboards are a comprehensive product in every respect.


Validation tests are carried out on every switchboard and all its components are filmed by a computer-based digital video system


Cabel System offers a product that, although built with the most complex form of segregation, allows a service engineer to test all live parts

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Again this year, Cabel System is the official sponsor of the Faber Racing Team racing team