Our NOVA2 Model power centers are also incorporated in public works projects, including electric power stations, airports, and dams – places where continuity is one of the most important factors.  Centers installed in these environments must be reliable over time and easily serviced – repair, if necessary, must be conducted with the guarantee of safety and in the minimal amount of time possible.

In view of these standards, E-ON, ENDESA, and ENEL, chose Cabel System as their power switch partner for installations in Ostiglia, Galleto, Brindisi and Fusina.  Our NOVA2 power center, fitted with the HERGO system, provided the perfect solution.  Additionally, we’ve installed centers at Orio al Serio Airport in Bergamo and Marco Polo Airport in Venice, and various departments of Alenia Aermacchi.

NOVA2 power centers are also being installed at the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.  The colossal dam, projected to be the largest in Africa, is being constructed on the Blue Nile River, to supply energy to Ethiopia, and makes use of extremely high power and performance NOVA2 centers.