Arena di Verona

The Verona Arena is a Roman Amphitheatre located in the center of town, and is considered one of the great iconic symbols of city, along with the Romeo and Juliet. It is considered one of the masterworks of the Roman Empire, one which demonstrates the character of Roman architecture, and it is also the amphitheatre which has undergone the least amount of deterioration, thanks to the restructuring and restoration performed at the end of the 1600s. Each summer the Verona Arena plays host to poetry and play festivals, as well as concerts by international musicians and singers.

To meet the requirements of the theatre production companies, and the power supply requests of various entertainers and performers who stage events at the Arena, Cabel System has installed an arc resistant power center NOVA2.  The center ensures the maximum level of security and highest quality of service – and it was installed in accordance with the particular requirements of the Arena and its limits on modification and work.

A 1200mm special walkway was installed in the middle of the power center, permitting updating and maintenance of the unit.