Health and Research

Cabel power centers of all types are used throughout the network of Italian hospitals and clinics.  Examples include the arc resistant power center NOVA2 with In 6000 A and ICC 90 kA at Magalini Hospital in Verona and the installation with “automatic power factor enclosed” at Fatebene Fratelli in Erba. Particularly notable are the power centers we’ve installed especially for operating rooms, which are typically independent isolated centers created on a floor by floor basis.

We’ve engineered and installed power supply solutions for The Outpatient Clinics of  Brescia and San Carlo Clinic, The National Institute for the Cure of Tumours in Milan and San Martino Hospital of Genoa, Brunico Hospital and St. Paul Hospital of Milan, Twins of Rome Clinic, Hospital of Mirano, and St. Bortolo Hospital of Vicenza, among others.